A Premium Cannabis Experience.

What We Do?

We Create End Products for your consumption and topical use!

Mutha Tree


Olive Oil for sauté, Honey, Coffee, Tea, Koolaid, Vegan Gummies, Butter for Cooking and many more.

Creams, Vapes, Clips,

Soaps, Bath Bombs

CBD Bath Bombs and Soaps awaiting your muscle pain relief.

Mutha Tree


Our Clones are Premium strains.

Creative Cooking Class

Join us on Saturday Mornings for a Cannabis Cooking Class with purchase of one our Signature Butter products

In the United States, sales of legal cannabis industry is worth $61 billion dollars. Legal marijuana sales are forecast to increase steadily with each consecutive year.

0% of Americans
are active marijuana users
0% sales increased
Nationwide cannabis sales in 2020
0% in support
Support for legal marijuana is at an all-time high
source: flowhub.com

We Also Provide Medical Cannabis Products

Premium Flower Strains, Butter, Cooking Oil, Lotions, Soaps, Bath Bombs, Tinctures, CBD Oil, THC Oil, Edibles.

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